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Independent Financial Advisers to Expats Living in Mallorca

If you are an Expat living in Mallorca or planning to move there soon the first thing on your "to do" list should be getting your finances in order. Whilst this may seem straightforward at first glance, finding an affordable solution that meets your personal financial requirements and helps you achieve your goals demands the attention of seasoned professionals.


Our Independent Financial Advisers in Mallorca will work in partnership with you to develop a bespoke financial plan that can reduce your current tax liabilities in Spain, protect your family financially and secure your future income. We will introduce you to Legal & Accountancy professionals where their input and expertise is required. Our planning skills are vital when considering any of the following:

  • Planning for a child's education and how to save tax efficiently for payment of the ever increasing fees.
  • Maximising the income from your retirement savings, should your pension remain in the UK or be moved to QROPS? How should you structure your income to pay the least tax possible?
  • Should I keep my UK investments (NISA's, PEP's (that are now NISA's), Property etc.) or are they more tax efficent in Spanish Compliant Investments?
  • Should you elect to deal with Inheritance tax in Spain or your country of Nationality? This choice has been made available since 17th August 2015 under Brussels IV EU regulations.
  • If you are yet to build up a pension, what type of savings plan do you need to achieve this and in which jurisdiction should this be held to pay the least tax?
  • I am concerned about my existing arrangements or the financial adviser who recommended them, how can I get this reviewed to establish if I am wasting money?

With the pace of change in EU / Spanish taxation rules and Expats being seen as "soft targets" the importance of seeking professional, qualified, Independent Financial Advice has never been greater.

Why take the chance when we are only a phone call away and an initial discussion is always free of charge.


To find out more about our Financial Advisers in Mallorca and to get in touch go here.