• Still Think you can Hide you Money from the Taxman?

    There is nothing wrong with using legitimate offshore investments to legally reduce your tax bill. The problem is doing it illegally and trying to hide assets to evade tax. Find out how you can invest cleanly by taking Independent Financial Advice form the experts. Call 00 34 971 42 59 86 today.

  • Buy to Let – Dead in the Water or Full Steam Ahead?

    Will the Tax changes proposed for 2017 kill off the Buy-to-Let market? We do not thinks so. For Independent Financial Advice and Mortgage Advice on Buy-to-Let Mortgages get in touch now.

  • Brexit – A Storm in a Teacup?

    Now that the UK has shaken off the immediate effects of Brexit, what will happen now? Independent Financial Advice for Expats in Spain has never been more necessary. Get in touch today 0034 971 42 59 86

  • Why is it so hard for Yacht-Crew to get a mortgage?

    Yacht Crew or seafarer earning in Euro or US Dollar and finding it hard to get a UK mortgage? You are not alone since the Mortgage Credit Directive (EU Rule) all but wiped out lenders in this market. Call to find out how we can help.

  • The continued growth in luxury - We take a look at the Dominion Luxury Fund

    The demand for luxury goods is rising. Are you an Expat in Mallorca and have you considered how you can make tax-efficient investments in the companies leading this market? Call us to find out more.

  • UK Mortgage Rates at an Historic All Time Low - Time to Re-Mortgage?

    Have you had difficulty getting a mortgage for yacht crew ? Seafarers Mortgages are notoriously difficult to place. We have many years experience in placing mortgages for Yacht Crew. Get in touch today.

  • Post Brexit - A Great time to Buy in the UK?

    In reality Brexit has created a great buying opportunity in the UK property market, particularly if you earn in a foreign currency and need a foreign currency mortgage. Seafarers and Yacht Crew take note!

  • Brexit, Pensions and QROPS where now?

    Concerned about your Pension, QROPS or investments and how Brexit has affected them? Read on to find out what you need to do now!

  • Is it all over for the British Expat life in the sun?

    So the UK has voted to leave the EU and Brexit has come to pass. But what does it really mean to Expats living in Spain and the rest of the EU?

  • UK Expats Lose the Battle to Vote in the BREXIT Referendum!

    UK Expats who have lived outside of the UK for more than 15 years have lost their legal battle to be allowed to vote in the BREXIT referendum.

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