Independent Financial Advice in Mallorca

As a leading Wealth Management company we believe that professional, qualified Independent Financial Advice should be available to all Expats in Spain regardless of how much money you have to invest. We are here to help you make the most of your finances and to pay as little tax as possible using legitimate, tried and tested financial planning methods.


Why is Independence so important?

As we are privately owned and operate independently of any bank or other financial institution we are able to be completely unbiased in our recommendations and advice. We believe that the model for financial advice which is being used in the UK at the moment is the most robust in the world and ultimately in the best interests of our clients which is why we have adopted the main elements of this into how we operate in Spain. Contrast this to the "free for all" that used to exist in Spain and you will understand the importance of an independent, robust, well structured and regulated advice model to you as our clients.

What is Wealth Management?

Essentially wealth management is a combination of a number of financial elements mixed with personal / business relationships designed to ensure that you can build wealth efficiently, protect that wealth, use it to generate an income later in life and ultimately to pass it on to future generations. Good wealth management will combine:

  • Understanding you as a person not just as another client, your attitude to risk, your aims and objectives in life and where you are now.
  • Establishing a plan to get you where you want to go financialy and working in partnership with you to achieve this.
  • Bringing in Legal and Taxation specialists where needed to make sure your plans are sound.
  • Advising and arranging on the tax efficient investments, pensions etc. that are needed.
  • Deciding upon asset allocation and which fund management teams to use to ensure your investments meet with your tolerance to risk or lack of risk.
  • Protecting your lifestyle with insurances.
  • Ensuring your situation is reviewed at least annualy to make sure you are on track.
  • Planning to ensure that your estate is passed on as you wish and involving your family where appropriate.


Our qualified Independent Financial Advisers are well versed in all aspects of wealth management and have access to the Legal, Tax and Fund Management professionals needed to ensure you receive sound advice.

Ongoing service

All too often our clients tell us that their past experience of some of the advisory firms in Spain has been unprofessional with the after sales service being poor or non-existent despite the fact that an ongoing commission is being taken from their funds for this very purpose. Again looking at the UK model for advice this has been under the scutiny of the regulator. Since 2012 service given has to be commensurate with charges. We firmly believe that this will come to Spain over the next few years and we have always operated with clear and transparent charges and dislcose what service you can expect to receive for your money.

We actually enjoy what we do and this comes across in how we deal with you, we like our clients to refer us to their friends and colleagues because of the service we provide and understand that we need to deliver.

Reviewing your existing provisions

Have you long since forgotten the reason you took advice?, or perhaps the time has just flown by and you have not reviewed your investments to check if they still work for you. If you are thinking any of the following perhaps it is time for a review:

  • Have you been unhappy with some aspect of the advice you have received in the past or are frustrated by the lack of service provided "post sale"?
  • Do you understand what you are invested in and what it is supposed to be doing for you?
  • Perhaps you are concerned about the impact of the charges on your investments, or maybe you do not even know what the charges are? (more common than you may think).
  • How much were you charged for the original advice you received and is this value for money? Were charges even discussed?


If any or all of the above apply to you or someone you know get in touch with our Independent Financial Advisers in Mallorca who will be happy to carry out a structured review of your current investments to analyse charges and their impact on the performance of your money. Any investments sold more than 2-3 years ago may have had significant "hidden" charges or a proportion of the investment placed in more "esoteric" funds with the specific purpose of generating additional "hidden commission" for the adviser.


Get in touch today to discuss your plans and in the meantime please request one of our FREE Financial Guides for some light bed-time reading.



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