Offshore Investments for Expats

For many of your Expat colleagues "offshore" investing is the established norm. However for others the thought of having your money invested "offshore" is complex and difficult to understand. In our experience this is down to a lack of experience and a lot of myths around the subject rather than any real complexity.

Starting your planning early is crucial to ensure you have the financial resources to look forward to a secure future and investing "offshore" can often have significant benefits from a tax deferral perspective to help with this.


Our Mallorca team of Independent Financial Advisers has been helping Expats like you to make the most of your savings / investments for years. We utilise specific "offshore" plans specifically designed to suit your tax status both now and to give you flexibility of choice in the future.

Why Offshore Investing seems complicated

When you consider that there are 50 offshore centres, 126 tax and legal jurisdictions, 27,000 varied equities and somewhere in the region of 36,000 investment funds to choose from, not to mention currencies fluctuations, how do you decide where and in what to invest?

Removing the complexity

Our qualified Independent Financial Advisers have many years experience in selecting from the "offshore" market, to give you a few general pointers in how we arrive at a recommendation for you. We only consider:

  • Well established International companies (many of whom are household names) with open and transparent charging structures.
  • Established and well regulated jurisdictions with solid financial controls, meaning we avoid the more esoteric centres as the risk to our clients is too high.
  • Funds which are well managed for the long-term. We keep away from the "quick buck" merchants as ultimately this will end in tears.
  • Internationally benchmarked performance from known, establish fund managers.
  • We actively avoid high "hidden charges" in funds and look for open and transparent charging.

Diversification and Risk Management is key

Diversification through "offshore" investment is important, we can help select funds based on a thorough understanding of you attitude to risk (or lack of risk). Whilst we cannot give chapter and verse on this on a web page the way we look to meet your target to fund for your future is as follows:

  • We conduct a thorough Financial Questionnaire face-to-face with you and if appropriate your family members to establish where you are now, your investment experience, your acceptance level of risk, your capacity to accept loss and your long-term aims and objectives.
  • We use Asset Allocation tools to select appropriate diversified portfolios to meet your objectives whilst balancing this with the amount of risk you wish to take.
  • We do not manage your money, we are Independent Financial Advisers not Fund Managers. The Fund Managers are the experts here so we leave the management up to them.
  • We carefully select established jurisdictions appropriate to your tax situation.

What else do we consider in making a recommendation?

As any kind of saving / investment planning is a long-term venture it is important to structure any Investment strategy with this in mind. Working in partnership with you we will establish:

  • How long you want or need to invest. Investments are meant to be for the long-term which is generally considered to be a minimum of five years. The longer you invest for the lower the risk as market fluctuations are smoothed out over time. Hence the importance on starting early.
  • How much income you need in the future and when this may be. This is the main driver in deciding how much needs to be saved / invested and over how long.
  • Which "offshore" jurisdiction is most appropriate to your tax position.
  • Flexibiltiy of fund choice both now and in future. Can funds be switch cheaply and easily?

Whatever your aims for your investment or savings planning our team of experienced, qualified Independent Financial Advisers are here to help.


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